Dash Incubator

Nurturing projects to build out the Dash economy

How it works

  1. Project leaders submit project proposals to Dash Incubator.
  2. Backers pledge any amount toward the proposal fee of projects they think should pass.
  3. If a proposal does not receive 5 Dash in pledges, the project is cancelled and pledges are returned to backers.
  4. If 5 Dash proposal fee is reached, DashIncubator submits proposal to Dash Budget system with 10 Dash Incubator fee included.
  5. If proposal is successfully funded (passed), 10 Dash is returned to the backers. If not, the backers get nothing back.
  6. To maintain accountability and ensure successful completion of funded projects, funds are released to project leaders on a schedule based on project milestones.

How to become a Backer

  1. Deposit funds in your FundChan account.
  2. Review Pre-Proposal Projects that look interesting.
  3. Submit a pledge of any amount to as many projects as you like.

Submit a project

If you have a project that you would like to submit to DashIncubator, enter the title of the project and a URL to a discussion of the project on Dash Forum. Contact @JimBursch if you have any questions or need assistance.

Project title:

Dash Forum URL: